Sunday, August 2, 2009

Statement of Purpose

This page reflects on various aspects of living a gay life, from the perspective of just one average guy trying to make sense of it all. This anonymous page is dedicated to deeply personal thoughts on the struggle to find one's place.

My name on facebook is, and I keep my identity anonymous so that I can express my deep personal feelings and experiences here, in a public forum, while maintaining the privacy that characterizes the content. I am not so vain as to expect that others will find my ramblings of distinct interest, but it will provide, at least for me, a cleansing and worthwhile exercise. My only desire is to reveal a penetrating emotional honesty and a critical assessment of conventions. All that it is necessary to know about me, beyond tidbits I reveal in the postings, is that I live in Montreal, a very open city with regard to diversity of all kinds. In general, Canada seems to be one of world's more accepting, even empathetic, countries with respect to cultural attitudes toward LGBT issues.

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